Fresh and Divine: the perfect Hong Kong brunch for Londoners and Milanesi in town

A terrace overlooking tropical greenery, smart interior décor with a South-Eastern Asia colonial touch: welcome to the fresh&young Aberdeen Street Social, welcome to Hong Kong!

If you are the ‘London type of folk’ (live/work in London/serial traveller to the City) – and you adore to hang out in Milan too-  in your early thirties and you like to explore around overseas you shouldn’t miss this place.

Welcoming atmosphere, high-standard service, smart casual dress code. Ask for a table ‘dehors’ on the terrace on the 1st Floor. If you visit the Aberdeen Street Social on Sunday, make sure you order a Lobster roll from the Brunch Menu.

IMG_3458.JPGLobster roll: lobster cocktail, romaine lettuce, brioche and French fries.

I don’t usually get overexcited about a ‘prawn cocktail’, but the sweet and tenderly brioche will melt perfectly in your mouth with the fresh ‘lobster cocktail’: fresh and divine! The salty French fries will add the crispiness you will need to completely abandon on your comforting sofa.

The Lobster Benedict (Eggs Benedict with a juicy lobster on the side) taste luxuriously good. The eggs were creamy and the lobster warm and tender. I would change the brown bread with the brioche tough.

img_3460Lobster Benedict


Drink a refreshing beetroot detox juice served in its adorable little bottle. Ultimately, can you even imagine a better brunch to recover from your last night clubbing session at the Dragon Eye?

Ah, they have fans on the terrace: your perfect Sunday afternoon is served.


Prices are reasonable, 258 HKD (25 pounds) for the lobster roll, consider 33 pounds for a main and drink.

Aberdeen Street Social

G/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2866 0300



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