Be #optimist! ( plus a main dish every boy will simply adore – I swear!)

A Spanish oasis to escape hot temperatures and noisy roads: The Optimist.

The restaurant (but I would rather call it bistro to ensure you are not intimidated by the entrance or the European cuisine) is on 3 floors: ground floor is dedicated to the bar, 1st floor is the bistro and the 2nd floor is for grilled meat and fish.

image1We have been there for lunch and the lunch menu is a very good deal. They have a rich buffet with finger food such as tortillas, bruschette, gazpacho, chorizo, jamon and cheese.

There is also a salad buffet and the salad were really worth trying even if I am not a fan. I always think I can have a salad at home, I don’t see the added value in a restaurant – which is not the case here.

We had Broken Eggs “Huevos Rotos” which every boy I am sure will love. Deep fried slices potatoes with ham and a fried egg on top. Boyish 100%.


I tried the grilled octopus which was extremely good.


The dessert are well-done and well-presented. We had a coffee & ice cream (nicely served)  and a berry cheesecake (the berry jam was separated from the cheese cream and I find this is a nice idea if you want to present your cheesecake in a different and smart way also at home).


The Optimist

G/F, 239 Hennessy Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong




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