Indonesian, Thai or Indian? Go to Spices at Repulse Bay and you won’t be forced to choose – just have it all!

The menu allows you to choose (or maybe not!) between different types of Asian food, which is ideal when you are with a big bunch of friends or new in the city and open to try it all! We weren’t able to resist: we had it all!

We started with hot appetizers (all delicious!): Samosa (deep-friend Indian pastries filled with spicy- but not too spicy), Sate Ayam (chicken skewers lightly caramelised with a fantastic peanut sauce) and my favourite Kor Moor Yang (Thai-style pork neck, it doesn’t sound ideal to me to think about a pork neck but it was delicious).

We had two mains and rice: Rendang Padang (Indonesian Beef curry) with was sweet and juicy.


and an aromatic Pad Thai, served properly with sugar, lime, chilli, nuts on the side.


After a pineapple mojito at Limewood ( – a really nice mojito with fresh mint and caramelised fresh pineapple – Spices is the perfect classy spot up into the hill (nice stairs, easy walk) for a dinner with friends, but a couple would find it equally or even more perfect.

The décor is classy South-Eastern Asian style because they wanted to recreate a traditional spices Asian market: teak, stones and natural materials will make you feel back in a early 1900 colonial atmosphere. The terrace is elegant and you won’t even notice the residential buildings on the back.

We end our dinner with a mix tray of fruit and Asian dessert.

img_3444Prices are reasonable (without alcohol): 25£/each .

Spices at Repulse Bay

 Tel: (852) 2292 2821




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